About Artist

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by. My name is Andrei Voica and I am a painter. In my work, I paint with oils acrylics, and watercolor.

I paint either en plain air, or in the studio.

When painting outside, I like to use oils to create impressionist landscapes and house portraits. The natural light gives me the opportunity to observe contrast and color temperature.

Inside the studio, I paint with acrylics, oils and watercolor. I like to just let my mind meditate on a certain theme or subject that I have picked that day and my hands simply recreate what is happening inside my mind.

Our world is run by symbols. So I like to use symbols as the mouthpiece for my art.

Rather than saying something directly, I try to provoke the viewer into having their own perspective and thoughts on my works.

I believe that art is the epitome of human evolution - it is something only us, humans, can do, so I think art is the definitive trait of the human species.

Art is air and I breathe through my art.